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Cliff and Puanani Putnam moved from San Francisco to Annapolis in 1977. Having both worked for Pan American World Airways for many years, Cliff and Puanani loved to travel and see the world but were drawn to the natural beauty of the Sonoma Coast. After much deliberation, they decided to trade their passports for shovels and built a new life together in Annapolis.  


Over the next 37 years, Cliff and Puanani raised their children, Allison and Andrew, and became involved in the local community. The vineyard has always been family oriented; daughter Allison and her husband, Matt, relocated from Oregon to the Bay Area to help support the family business. Cliff manages the day-to-day operations and Matt manages all contracts and winery partnerships. Throughout the year, Cliff, Puanani, Allison and Matt can be found working together in the sunny vineyard.  

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Puanani and Cliff Putnam,



Matt Holton,

Strategy and Partnerships

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